Students’ schedules are computer generated and students are placed in classes randomly based upon the courses selected during spring registration. Changes to course requests may be made until May 24, 2016. 

Since advanced planning and guidance are provided for each student prior to registration, schedule changes will not be made after May 24, 2016. Requests for schedule changes are considered only for the following specific educational reasons:

1. Placement in a course required for graduation
2. Misplacement in an academic area
3. Successful completion of summer school course work


Schedule changes will not be granted to move a student to a specific instructor or because the student is earning a low or failing grade.

The administration may, due to enrollment and staff changes, balance course sections by transferring students from one class and/or teacher to another. If a student is transferred in this manner, the student will not be able to move back to the original
schedule. Every effort will be made to ensure a smooth transition for students.

Due to the State of Nevada Department of Education Guidelines, no student may earn credit in a class started after the third week of school. After 15 days into the semester, no student may change a class due to the required number of hours necessary to earn credit. Seniors who request to drop a class for an open period must have the principal’s (or designee’s) approval. If the request to drop a class is approved and occurs after 15 days of instruction, the student will receive an “F” on the semester transcript.

Because the philosophy of Shadow Ridge High School encourages students to meet the challenge of achieving their potential, students are strongly discouraged from enrolling in courses below their academic levels.




Counselor Alpha Breakdown

A-Car: Carroll (ext. 4301)

Cas-Fo: Hebb (ext. 4307)

Fr-Joh: Guthrie (ext. 4305)

Joi-Med: Kolish (ext. 4304)

Mee-Ra: Epstein (ext. 4303)

Re-Th: Messer (ext. 4306)

Ti-Z: Neely (ext. 4308)


Counseling Secretary:

Icela Riitano (ext. 4300)


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Office hours:

M-F 6:30-3:00

*Pursuant to Regulation 5144, students are hereby informed that they will be subject to search when they enter campus after the beginning of the school day. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized returns. This notice does not exclude personnel, however, from searching a student at any time should there be a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.