The Financial Aid process can be overwhelming and difficult to many students and parents.  The College & Career Center is here to help with the process and answer any questions students and parents may have.  Parents, please note that the FAFSA application will open up on October 1, 2018.  Please complete the application as soon as possible.


Helpful Tips for the FAFSA:

  • Parents and students will both need a PIN for this application and can apply anytime for one.  Do this ASAP!  It will prepare you for the October 1, 2018 application date.

  • The second link below is the FAFSA Forecaster.  This link has proven to be most helpful to parents and students concerned about what they will actually receive for Federal Student Aid.  Parents and students can put in their information and receive an estimation of Federal Aid.


Financial Aid Website to Visit:



Do you need money for college?  Check out the information on this flyer for your questions regarding FAFSA and its purpose!


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