Below are the course expectations for each teacher, listed alphabetically by last name.  We ask that both parents and students familiarize themselves with the expectations set forth by their teachers.  Course expectations are added when the teacher provides them.  If your teacher's course expectations are not currently available, they will be soon.


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Alia, S


Balodis, P


Barnson, S


Bennett, K


Benson, R


Bertsch, J


Betancourt, A


Beverly, D


Bicsak, G


Bishop, L


Bond, S


Bowker, T


Brackney, A


Bumgarner, D


Butler, S


Carosone, J


Cassman, A


Christman, R


Collins, M


Cook, K


Cooper, J


Cordaro, J


Counts, J


Dadosky, L


Dennis, J


Dexheimer, W


Dilliplane, K


DiMuro, M


Domingo, A


Dooley-Woodruff, C


Dorward, C


Eichenser, D


Fall, S


Fisher, K


Flynn, A


Fogler, J


Francis, T


Gibo, Jamie


Gibson, R


Gledhill, G


Halvorson, J


Hampson, D


Harris, M


Harris, R


Hillmer, J


Holland, R


Huesch, S


Hughes, D


Hunt, A


Jablonski, D


Janette, C


Jimenez, M


Johnson, T


Jones, D


Kendrick, D


Killgo, M


Krohn, C


Leffers, E


Lourenco, C


Mann, L


Marlott, S


Mason, T


McCombs, H


McDonald, A


McShea, K


Mickelson, L


Monk, K


Moore, A


Murray, D


Napoli, K


Negrete, E


Nelson, R


Nighswonger, M


Ossana, P


Ossana, V


Pack, E


Perri-Crane, L


Pezone, A


Pickens, B


Pisciotta, A


Pohl, D


Porterfield, P


Quidato, M


Raso-Carillo, L


Rasore, J


Reese, A


Richards, E


Rogge, K


Rosales, M


Sauve, P


Scaccia, A


Schwartz, D


Silva, R


Sipos, A


Smith, P


Spanier, R


Stahlke, R


Stricklan-Sahagun, R


Sullivan, J


Thompson, B


Tippetts, J


Tousa, F


Troth, J


Tucker, A


Turner, N


Valdenegro, T


Verb, J


Vosicky, C


Weigand, J


Welby, P


Welsh, J


Wernet, R


Wilson, L


Wright, L


Wulfsberg, C


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