Planning for college? Check these sites out!

The following links are designed to help you plan for college!


  • CollegeWeek Live - Research and connect live with more than 200 colleges and universities around the world! Get expert advice on how to navigate the financial aid and scholarship process, and chat with admissions counselors to learn more about academic programs and campus life.  Live chat sessions are going on now!!

  • College Scholarships - Nevada - a page which lists and links to Nevada colleges, universities, career schools, and technical schools (with contact information).

  • College Scholarships - includes links to 70 scholarship search sites, links to colleges offering programs for students with learning disabilities, Christian colleges, accredited online degree programs, colleges for women, and much, much more. In addition, the site includes an instant online GPA calculator which will accommodate up to 50 grades.

  • What's Up Next - What's Up Next is a FREE college access tool that gives students and parents personalized support  on college search, college application and federal student aide.

  • College Readiness Events - Take a look at all of the college readiness events happening this school year!








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Ti-Z: Neely (ext. 4308)


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Icela Riitano (ext. 4300)


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